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Personal Property Tax Software

Our stand-alone Windows-based systems automate personal property tax reporting to the State of Maryland.  The programs meet the strict requirements established by each taxing entity:  state/district, counties, and incorporated cities.  You simply fill out each screen, and the programs calculate your estimated tax.  We do not warrant the estimate is your exact tax, but it does provide a working model.

The Personal Property Tax Software:

  • Runs under WINDOWS 10 and all previous Windows versions
  • Prepares corporate, individual, partnership, and LLC returns
  • Features screens that mirror the actual forms
  • Calculates assessments instantly
  • Saves files individually
  • Allows multiple locations per return
  • Contains an automatic time and billing feature
  • Prints forms on plain paper. Approved by the State of Maryland. br>
  • Provides a built-in calculator
  • Imports previous years' data in a batch mode
  • Automatically puts in City and County Rates
  • Offers context-sensitive help as well as pop-up supporting schedules
  • Support available 7 days a week
  • 100% money-back guarantee


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